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Fund your account on your schedule and budget. Get your tax receipt immediately. Donate to any of over 1.7M charities whenever you want.

"The single most productive tool to manage and make donations on the market today."

—Authoritative Voice in Giving

Here's how it works

Add money when you want, set goals, and make donations to any project or charity you’re passionate about. We will keep all of your tax receipts in one convenient location.

Deposit Funds

Easily deposit money into your account on the web or through our convenient mobile app.          

Get Your Receipt

Instantly receive your tax ready charitable donation receipt for the full deposit amount.


Donate money from your account to any charity or project of your choosing, anytime.

Why a donation management account?

 No more dreaded paper work and writing checks
 Environmentally friendly paperless platform
 Give to any project or charity
 All of your tax receipts in one convenient location

Example Use Cases

When is a Modern Giving account useful?
Michael, Portland

The Budgeter

Just starting his career, Michael wanted to donate more than he was, but wasn't prioritizing it. He set up a small recurring deposit each month, and in no time he had enough set aside to be proud of his contributions.
Kevin, New York City

Too Busy to Donate

In his busy life, Kevin is never as charitable as he'd like to be. Come to the end of the year, he wishes he'd done more. Now, he funds his account once per year and donates to awesome projects straight from his phone.
Llana, St. Louis

The Time Saver

Lana is already a super-donor, supporting her passion projects and her friends fundraising races. But when its time to do her taxes, she can never find her receipts. Now she has them all centralized in one place.

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Visit our Frequenty Asked Questions page for more in depth questions and answers regarding your modern giving account.

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