Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Modern Giving Account and Why Should I Have One?

What is a Modern Giving account and why should I have one?

Why not just make my donation directly to the charities that I want to support?

Are donations made through my Modern Giving Account tax deductible?

Did Austin Community Foundation invent Modern Giving Accounts?

How Do These Accounts Work & Where Do I Get Help?

How do I get support for my Modern Giving Account if I have any questions or issues?

What are the fees for using the Modern Giving Account?

Is my account and data safe and secure?

Did Austin Community Foundation partner with someone to create this app?

Funding my Account

How Can I Fund my Modern Giving Account?

What is the minimum deposit to open an account?

What is the minimum deposit that I can make into my account?

Can other people deposit into my account?

Sending Funds to Charities

Can I donate to any charity?

What if I make a separate gift, not using the platform, but want all of my tracking and receipts to be consolidated in my account?

I receive many requests for donations through online campaigns (my niece's Jump Rope for Heart, my friends run for charity, etc.) am I able to give to these campaigns with my Modern Giving account?

Does the charity that I donate to have to be in the US? Central Texas? Austin?

Can I make a grant to sponsor a charity event?

Can I specify a Project or use of funds for my grant?

What personal information will charities get with my donation?

Can I still make my donation in someone’s honor?

How long will it take for the charity to receive their donation?

What is the minimum donation I can make to a charity?

Is there a minimum amount that I need to donate each year?

Chip Ins

What is a Chip In?

What info does the charity receive when a donation is made that has one or more ChipIns?

Can I cancel or undo a Chip In?

Will a charity contact me after I Chip In on someone else’s donation?

Why are some donations no longer eligible for a Chip In?